Just another tip

Today I’m the mood to use my skull styled curved stainless steel 510 drip tip. Don’t ask me why, I just like it.


The idiocy of EU greediness

E-cigarette base liquid with aroma and nicotine to be mixed together

We’re in 2017 but still, electronic cigarettes are ruled under the “European Tobacco Products Directive”. So it’s like if you asked for a regulation for a plane and they give you a regulation for a bicycle saying: well, both are ways to transport you so it’s the same regulations.

I give you a moment to visualize and think about that.

Then I’m all up for regulations, but here is where it became an idiot vicious circle: each liquid needs to be EU certified, ok that’s good but it costs an arm to the producers who have since reduced their choices (this almost made me go back to smoking analog cigarettes when they discontinued my favourite liquid, but I’ll write another article about that later…). So this led to people wanted to make their own liquids, that’s easy, you need a base with nicotine (can be 250ml or 1000ml), and some aroma.

BUT the EU who certainly noticed they earned less taxes because less people smoke, not enough E liquids will be certified and people started to make their own liquids so they found a way by saying: “nicotine containing liquids may not be sold in containers that hold more than 10ml in total“, translation = we force the sales of more products in small quantities = more taxes for the EU.

So here I am , trying to learn and look for what to buy and how to make my own liquids, stuck with some limitations that will make me manipulate nicotine (like the box in the middle on the photo reminds you: it can be deadly and it is totally dangerous for the skin). So I’m not very happy about that. That once again, money and greediness will either make me return to smoking (again the EU makes more money with sick people who have cancer, and I’m such a bad person for not wanting to have cancer, sorry Europe…) or become illegal by finding ways to get what I need (it took me one day to find a guy who knows a guy who found a loophole in the EUTPD) or I don’t know. I’ll find a way…

For now, as I am still learning what to get to do my own mixes, I bought this premade kit of 50ml of base and aroma and I only had to mix the nicotine myself. Which was a disaster as the container was supposed to have space for the 10ml of nicotine but did not… It got messy but I made it work. And the price is 1/3 less than usual E-liquids, so that will be my solution until I figure how to launch my own DIY production…

Good luck me, good luck everybody. Feel free to send me your DIY liquid tips (on twitter, or here)

Vape with the force

I’m a Star Wars fan and I especially love Darth Vader. So of course I had to get this drip tip! It’s in stainless steel and the width is 11.9mm. In other words you get the full vape taste. You also get the condensated drips so it’s not ideal for all vaporizers. And you will look like that flute player that doesn’t use a flute. But it looks quite nice. I’ll use it for special occasions. I just need to find which ones šŸ™‚ 

Longest tip ever

The height of this tip is 75mm! I got it from my favourite Chinese online ecig accessories retailer (Fasttech) for only 1.69$. And they do free worldwide shipping. 

The thought I had was that when your tank is not full, you have to vape standing straight as usually the thread in the tank is at the bottom. So if you want the liquid to touch the thread, you have no choice if you don’t want the system to heat on nothing. So I thought I’d try different systems of drip tips, just to be able to vape when I’m super comfy on my kick ass couch. And this one showed up in the options. 

When I saw the size, I thought I could never pull it out in public as I like to be discreet with my vaporizers. People still look at us like we’re aliens, so the more my device is discreet, the happiest I am. But as I bought a very small height Ecig recently, with this tip on it’s still smaller than my usual Ecig. 

The mouth part is flat, so that’s nice as I don’t have that flute player mouth. And that tip is so long and bended that you don’t get any drops reaching your mouth like you would with other shorter tips. 

The only down side that I may see is that your vaping sound is amplified because of the shape (again I don’t want to be seen or heard when I vape). I know some vaping guys love a loud sound so this tip might be for you. But besides that, it’s a very nice tip, probably my new favourite now: V.I.P Rose PC Flat Mouthpiece Long 510 Drip Tip. 75mm, Rose, Black

I received 3 other different tips in my vape mail, so stay tuned for others tests coming soon. 

I like chrome

My tips to quit smoking



I read a lot of scary thingsĀ about quit smoking, so when it was my turn, I tried only once and I worked (thanks to vaping). I decided to compare what I heard versus what I experienced. So here is my compilation of myths or realities about stopping our good old cancer lollipops:

1 – Set a quitĀ date to stop smoking!?
Why would you do that? It puts pressure on you in advance about something you don’t really want to do. It’s not the 1st of January that you must stop. It’s the day when you open your eyes and only you will know it. Mine was random: the 3rd September 2014 after 23 years of smoking 20 cigarettes per day. I woke up and thought: ok, I had enough, it’s today!

2 – You must really want to stop smoking
No. I did not want to stop at all. I never actually tried to stop. One week before someone even asked me if I considered stopping and I replied: “I did not start smoking to quit”. But there you go, one week later, I did it. I was just thinking that one day I might stop and it was enough.

3 – Decide why you want to quit
Alright, there is what you imagine and what simply really happens. What really happens when you quit is that you start to feel good for the 1st time since you started smoking to a point that you even did not imagine. You can breathe again (sounds silly right? But it’s true, you feel the difference) and your heart doesn’t beat fast anymore when you run to catch your metro. Then, yeah, I treated myself with a camera, some clothes and a trip to Australia. But there is no why, the why is obvious: 1 smoker out of 2 will die of smoking. One smoker dies every 6 seconds in the world. One billion people will die this century of smoking. It’s your choice to be part of those stats, or not.

4 – Best way is cold turkey
Hum yeah for sure, 4% make it cold turkey… So if the idea of feeling shit and suffer a while both physically and psychologically doesn’t bother you, then go for it. I’m impressed and respect those who makeĀ it. But I don’t feel bad for the 96% who fail. My way was not to do violence to myself, that’s why I started to vape.

5 – It’s annoying to have smokers around you when you quit
Not when you vape, you could not care less, besides the fact that they stink, it’s not bothering you. I live in a capital city where the smoking ban is absolutely not respected, people smoke in bars and in clubs, so better get used to it and not care much.

6 – Get ready for nicotine withdrawal
Again, not when you vape. That’s the point of vaping: you keep the nicotine but get rid of 4000 chemicals including 43 that are known to give cancerĀ from the analog cigarette.

7 – Get professional help
I believe no one who can help you. You started on your own, you’ll know when it’s time to stop. Just be honest to yourself, don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t do violence to your body, just do it. My only help was my vaporizer and the scientific studies I read about it.

8 – You get sick when you quit smoking?
I read you could have nausea, headaches, cramps, sweating, anxiety, irritability, depression… I did not get any of that. But my skin reacted badly though. I had pimples for a month non stop. I tried to find infos about this but I didn’t find a proper scientific answer. One possible explanation is that your body reacts by getting rid of the toxins and that might be a result. It got better after that month.

So those are my experiences, I don’t say they will be yours. But I wish I haven’t read those quit smoking articles because now that I did quit, I wonder if those who wrote them actually know what they’re talking about. We’re all different, there is not one universal method but I hope that my experiences will scare you less than theĀ usual advice and encourage you to do it.

To be honest, I loved to smoke, not the cigarette itself but all the social behavior that came with it. And thanks to vaping, I have not given this up. Now I feel pity for smokers. I understand their struggle but I think that smoking is retarded. I was retarded. And I don’t get why I did it so long. If I had to sum up, I’d say: don’t overthink it,Ā do it, it’s easier than you think.


When you’re an idiot, vaping won’t help you


Sooo… my subject today is a big fail from the 10th personĀ I helped/influenced/encouraged to quit smoking and start vaping instead.
The story started when he was at my place and he told me that vaping looked stupid. So I showed him some V Gods videos tricksĀ videos. From this point he got an interest in Ecigs and became obsessed with cloud chasing. He bought some random crap vaporizer on internet, without any advice from a pro, without reading anything about it, without learning how to use them. And he also got the tank I advised him not to buy as I tested it myself previously.
The fun (or sad, depends how you see it) starts here: he set his device voltage to the max. The variable voltage is what controls the heat that comes to your coil. It’s a manual setting that you change as you use your vaporizer (at the opposite of variable wattage), you feel the resistance goes up so it needs more voltage to be more efficient so you higher it then. Not before!!! If you put your voltage high from start, it’s quite simple: the coil burns, the vapour you inhale is burned, the taste is disgusting and your vaporizer takes some time to get rid of that nasty taste.
And the dude got in gold fish mode: no only he burned one, not only he burned 2, but he burned 3 coils in front of me in less than 5 minutes! (sorry gold fishes, that’s insulting to you)
8 months later and after buying an incredible amount of tanks as he thought the tanks were the issues (LOL) he texts me: btw Ecigs didn’t work for me, I’m smoking again.
At this point, I don’t know what to say, I mean when you want to drive a car, you learn to drive, you pass your licence and you’re good to go. If you buy any device, you read the manual #RTFM and listen to people’s advice then you use it.
When you’re an idiot, vaping won’t help you, neither to quit smoking nor to be less of an idiot in general.