1st DIY Vanille Custard status after 7 days

Most of the recipes advise to steep the DIY Eliquid with custard at least 2 weeks. But the brand Supervape advised 7 days to 15 for a Vanille Custard. So as I reached 7 days, I decided to try… I am not using any special method to speed up the steeping process.

The taste is not good. Not bad neither but nothing that can remotely make me think of vanilla or custard. The nicotine level and PG/VG at 50/50 makes it “vapeable”. In fact it reminds me of a wine that is too young. You can smell the barrel but it’s neither good nor bad. I’ll just give it another week before I try again. And in the meantime, I’ll go get another aroma and start to do another recipe.

A few years ago I won some liquid on a vape TV and the taste was the best I ever tried. But as I’m based in Europe and it was coming from the US, the transport fees made no sense at all as it was so expensive. I dream of that taste ever since and maybe I’ll manage to get something more or less close to it.

I’m just having a hard time since my previous favourite brand discontinued my favourite liquid (Pipeline if you read that, I stopped going to your shop when you discontinued mango…). I’ve been trying a bunch of brands and flavours but none made my Vaping life enjoyable. So now the only hope I have is that I’ll manage to create tastes I enjoy vaping again.

So I’m on a mission to find ingredients that taste like fruits, not chemical, not too sugary. Wish me good luck. And don’t hesitate to share your tips for aromas.


E-liquid – Price comparison from small bottles to DIY

2 days ago, I finally decided to try some DIY and mix my own E-liquid. I went for a simple vanilla custard as it’s my 1st try ever. And I wanted to share the maths. I am based in Germany, and bought my supplies in a shop. I didn’t shop online where it’s cheaper, because I needed human advice and I want to support my local vape shop. So here is the maths based on 100ml:

– 10ml ready made bottle, 100ml = between 49,50€ and 69,50€

– a 50ml shake and vape + nicotine shots, 100ml = from 37, 40€ to 53,40€

– my DIY mix (aroma + base + nicotine + plastic bottle) 100ml = 17€

So by mixing my E-liquids I’ll spend 3,5 times less than if I go on buying small ready made bottles. Of course there are pros and cons I will detail in another post but, for now it’s mostly just pros.

I just need to wait 2 weeks till I can try my 1st mix…

Oh and if I was still smoking analog cigarettes, I’d be spending 231€/month… While now it’s going to be 17€. That’s 14 times less just in case you think about quitting 😉

Just another tip

The idiocy of EU greediness

E-cigarette base liquid with aroma and nicotine to be mixed together

We’re in 2017 but still, electronic cigarettes are ruled under the “European Tobacco Products Directive”. So it’s like if you asked for a regulation for a plane and they give you a regulation for a bicycle saying: well, both are ways to transport you so it’s the same regulations.

I give you a moment to visualize and think about that.

Then I’m all up for regulations, but here is where it became an idiot vicious circle: each liquid needs to be EU certified, ok that’s good but it costs an arm to the producers who have since reduced their choices (this almost made me go back to smoking analog cigarettes when they discontinued my favourite liquid, but I’ll write another article about that later…). So this led to people wanted to make their own liquids, that’s easy, you need a base with nicotine (can be 250ml or 1000ml), and some aroma.

BUT the EU who certainly noticed they earned less taxes because less people smoke, not enough E liquids will be certified and people started to make their own liquids so they found a way by saying: “nicotine containing liquids may not be sold in containers that hold more than 10ml in total“, translation = we force the sales of more products in small quantities = more taxes for the EU.

So here I am , trying to learn and look for what to buy and how to make my own liquids, stuck with some limitations that will make me manipulate nicotine (like the box in the middle on the photo reminds you: it can be deadly and it is totally dangerous for the skin). So I’m not very happy about that. That once again, money and greediness will either make me return to smoking (again the EU makes more money with sick people who have cancer, and I’m such a bad person for not wanting to have cancer, sorry Europe…) or become illegal by finding ways to get what I need (it took me one day to find a guy who knows a guy who found a loophole in the EUTPD) or I don’t know. I’ll find a way…

For now, as I am still learning what to get to do my own mixes, I bought this premade kit of 50ml of base and aroma and I only had to mix the nicotine myself. Which was a disaster as the container was supposed to have space for the 10ml of nicotine but did not… It got messy but I made it work. And the price is 1/3 less than usual E-liquids, so that will be my solution until I figure how to launch my own DIY production…

Good luck me, good luck everybody. Feel free to send me your DIY liquid tips (on twitter, or here)

Vape with the force

I’m a Star Wars fan and I especially love Darth Vader. So of course I had to get this drip tip! It’s in stainless steel and the width is 11.9mm. In other words you get the full vape taste. You also get the condensated drips so it’s not ideal for all vaporizers. And you will look like that flute player that doesn’t use a flute. But it looks quite nice. I’ll use it for special occasions. I just need to find which ones 🙂

Longest tip ever

The height of this tip is 75mm! I got it from my favourite Chinese online ecig accessories retailer (Fasttech) for only 1.69$. And they do free worldwide shipping.

The thought I had was that when your tank is not full, you have to vape standing straight as usually the thread in the tank is at the bottom. So if you want the liquid to touch the thread, you have no choice if you don’t want the system to heat on nothing. So I thought I’d try different systems of drip tips, just to be able to vape when I’m super comfy on my kick ass couch. And this one showed up in the options.

When I saw the size, I thought I could never pull it out in public as I like to be discreet with my vaporizers. People still look at us like we’re aliens, so the more my device is discreet, the happiest I am. But as I bought a very small height Ecig recently, with this tip on it’s still smaller than my usual Ecig.

The mouth part is flat, so that’s nice as I don’t have that flute player mouth. And that tip is so long and bended that you don’t get any drops reaching your mouth like you would with other shorter tips.

The only down side that I may see is that your vaping sound is amplified because of the shape (again I don’t want to be seen or heard when I vape). I know some vaping guys love a loud sound so this tip might be for you. But besides that, it’s a very nice tip, probably my new favourite now: V.I.P Rose PC Flat Mouthpiece Long 510 Drip Tip. 75mm, Rose, Black.

I received 3 other different tips in my vape mail, so stay tuned for others tests coming soon.

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