Another DIY E-liquid option

There is another option to make your DIY E-liquids: a 60ml bottle of aroma concentrate with only 10ml of aroma in it so you can add as much base and nicotine as you want.

I’m not really convinced it’s a good bottle option because you will most likely end up adding the same amount of base as what was in a Shake and Vape bottle and it adds 2 manipulations of liquids (base and nicotine) instead of just adding the nicotine.

It’s handy when you don’t have bottles to do your mixes and it already has a sticker on it so you don’t have to make one. On the other hand, they assume you will buy a new aroma bottle each time you do a mix, which means you will throw away more plastic bottles instead of re-using them. Not very environmental friendly. And this is the result of the EU law that forbids us to buy bottles of more than 10ml of nicotine in Europe = we’re trashing our planet instead.

I’ll stick to making my mixes in glass bottles I can re-use and buy aromas of 10ml in 10ml containers.


Uwell Nunchaku TC mod

I finally got the Uwell Nunchaku TC mod 80 watts in black! This mod can’t make me more happy as it’s one rare tube with Temperature Control (that’s what the TC stands for) that is not mechanical and not out of budget. Most TC mods I found, made in Germany were around 200 to 300 euros, without the battery. Which I found a bit excessive for just a tube with a + and – buttons to set up your wattage or temperatures. This one, made in China, is between 40 and 70 euros depending on the colour. Black being of course the most pricey…

You have 4 modes to choose from depending on the coil you use, between Power mode where you set up your wattage, TC mode (NI or SS) or Bypass that will adapt to your battery. The tube is a bit heavy as it’s in stainless steel but that makes it more stable anywhere you put it on. It won’t fall or roll and fall off a table.

Yesterday I had a little incident though. I was vaping while being shooting photos all afternoon and all was fine. But at the end of the day, I took a puff and I had the worst burnt hit ever!!! The one that leaves a bad taste in your mouth even after you brush your teeth twice. So what happened is that at some point while in my pocket, the + button must have been pressed and the device I must use at 12 Watts maxi, went up to 80 Watts on its own. I never had that issue with my other mods but with this one, I will now use the lock option, which allows you to vape but won’t allow you to change the power.

Besides that, I can say after a few days of use that it’s my favourite mod since I started vaping. It works well with my small hand, the design looks really good. It’s really easy to use. I paired mine with my Nautilus tank, but if you want there is a kit option that comes with its own tank. I won’t test it as I’m happy with my set up.

Vape more with the force

Lynden E-liquid sad packaging

The offer in E-liquids is so wide that the marketing and packaging do make a difference. Lots of brands get really creative and I would totally buy a liquid just because of its bottle design.

So when I got a free bottle because of my fidelity card at my local vape shop, I wanted a watermelon. I had the choice between several brands. The salesman convinced me on this one as he told me the taste was the most natural. But when I saw the box by Lynden, a German vape devices ands liquids company, I thought this design is so sad, it makes me think of a medicine, something I really don’t want to buy but I sort of need for some obscure reason. I do like a minimal design, this box has the minimal without the design.

But… the taste totally makes up for the sad design. This liquid is very good. It does taste natural and not crazy chemical. So in case you’re in Germany and need a small bottle, I recommend that brand called Lynden. Don’t judge the book by its cover, they’re actually good. And now I’m up to try their other tastes.

E-liquid prices comparison: retail vs DIY

– Retail single 10ml bottles = 55€ for 100ml

– Retail Shake and vape : base + nicotine = around 40€ for 100ml

DIY E-liquid : base + nicotine + aroma + bottle + tools to transfer liquids = 9€ for 100ml

The only challenge by doing your liquid yourself is that you can’t guess the flavour of the aroma you buy. And you must wait from 24h to one month, depending on the flavour, before you can vape them. So you will just have a good or bad surprise.

As I’m currently experimenting with flavours, I do 120ml bottles instead of 400ml like I did before so if it’s not to my taste, I won’t waste so much. And it’s 4 to 5 times cheaper than retail liquids, so it’s ok.

Aspire Nautilus hollowed-out sleeve tank

Not sure why but my E-cigarettes tend to fall a lot. And as I use a Nautilus in glass, it fell so many times, I think it will break soon.

So today in my vape mail, my new Nautilus BVC replacement tank arrived. It’s in stainless steel, with a classic 510 drip tip connection and you can see the level of the liquid so that’s handy. The size is the same as a 5ml Nautilus but because the pyrex glass is thicker, it only contains 3.3ml of liquid.

So far, I like to use it and I like the design. Not sure why Aspire doesn’t propose it on their site. I guess they just want to sell newer models and discontinued this one. But if you search for “Nautilus hollowed-out” you will find it in many stores.

Box mod vs tube

I never wanted to vape with a box mod but as I leveled up like everybody in the world of vaping, I found myself needing a solid device so I ended buying one. I picked the smallest I could find with a maximum of options and where you can set up everything: a Joyetech eVic Primo Mini.

The device is nice but even if it’s one of the smallest, it’s still big for my hands. And it’s not handy to carry around in your pockets. Plus, in my opinion, it makes you look like a douche vaper, from the ones who want to compare who has the biggest and can make the biggest clouds… So I just feel ashamed using that thing in the streets.

What I like is the tons of options you get as you can tell the device to choose the voltage or watts depending on the ohms of the coil you use, so like a sort of automatic mode for a camera. Then you can also decide to set up all manually, like a DSLR camera. You can lock the buttons or lock the fire button (always handy in your bag).

But one thing I didn’t like when I bought it was the manual… As one thing I do for all my devices when I get them is to RTFM. I just like to master my machines and understand what they do. Ok, so, this manual… You need a PhD to understand it! All the modes are clear if you already know what acronyms that brand is using and however it got translated to any language you can understand by an automatic translator. And the software they advise to update is not working at all. I ended getting more help by watching a Youtuber demo the device and for the software, I found a working alternative on some Joyetech forum.

I found out that there are some regulated tube mods with all the options you need. Not starter kits vape pens but real complete ones with screen and all. So that will be my next quest…

If you have tips, let me know: small complete regulated tube mod. Oh and if possible, not one at 250-340€, like the fancy ones made in Germany… I’m sure they’re awesome but 300 for a metal tube with a +/- and on/off buttons is a bit too much, especially without the battery. Dicodes, yes, I’m talking about you 😉